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Digital Presence for Lamb and Company

Our collaboration with Lamb and Company is a story years in the making. These amazing twin sisters are serial entrepreneurs and live the movie of their own HGTV show ‘Unsellable Houses.”

The work showcases our ability to deliver a multifaceted and cohesive digital strategy. Our engagement with Lamb has run the gamut of creating their brand and market presence (…while they did the heavy lifting of a TV show! And starting new businesses… just about every week.) We created the Lamb & Co. brand, developed dual websites on WordPress and Shopify, integrating these platforms, and executed tons of complex social and Google ad campaigns. Not to mention environmental graphics, signage, leave behinds, digital presentations…. you name it.

Dynamic Social and Google Ads Campaigns

To augment Lamb and Company’s online presence, we launched targeted social media and Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns, across channels and business verticals, run the gamut of real estate, product, service, and home goods. Strategically designed to maximize reach and engagement, these campaigns drive traffic to both the real estate and e-commerce platforms. Through careful monitoring and optimization, we ensured these ads delivered high conversion rates and a strong ROI.

Brand Refinement

Branding and Logo Design

After HGTV came calling the local real estate and reno duo decided they needed a change – and they transitioned from ‘Lamb Real Estate’ to the ‘Lamb & Co.’ we all know today.

This was a wonderful opportunity to reinvent the core messaging, attitude, posture, and image of the brand. Everything pushed, hard, to find an even balance between elegance and approachability as the girls shifted their market focus and started to build for tomorrow.

Dual Website Development: WordPress and Shopify

The Real Estate and Brand website for Lamb and Company gave birth to a home goods store and Shopify storefront and the need for an integrated solution was born. So for Lamb and Company, we developed two distinct yet seamlessly interconnected websites. The WordPress site was tailored for their real estate business, offering a user-friendly, informative platform for real estate listings and services. Simultaneously, we built a Shopify website for their storefront, creating an engaging and seamless e-commerce experience for customers.

Seamless integration of platforms

We wrote and created custom function that allows shopping cart transference between the two sites and users are able to navigate within the full eco system without any awareness they are doing so. Our team ensured that both sites operated harmoniously, providing a fluid user experience and maintaining consistent branding across both platforms.

A Testament to Digital Strategy Excellence

Our work with Lamb and Company stands as a testament to Motive’s ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions. From innovative branding to complex web development and targeted advertising, our collaboration highlights our expertise in elevating businesses in the digital realm.

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