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Our Motives

Our why, becauses, and reasons for doing what we do.

In Action to Effect

We started Motive because we wanted to be able to walk in the world with the confidence that comes from knowing we’ve done our best.

To our minds, that means treating others the way we’d want to be treated.

In marketing, that meant being radically different from the providers we found around us. So we did that. We took on a fiduciary model for service and started treating clients like we had an obligation to them that went way past fee for service – we consider their success our own.

Now, does that mean we always win? Nope. Not a bit. Marketing is a game of best guesses and data based refinement, no matter how well you mean.

Does it mean we always play to win? It sure does. Every time.

Doing our best

We have an ethic, team wide, that doing our best is an end goal, in itself.

We don’t always get it perfect, but we are always improving.

A big part of the joy of work, for us, is having done everything we can, knowing that we are the people that do that.

We apply this to communication, to process, to deliverables and to relationship. If there is one thing that is true of us, it is this.


Care for those we know

We value relationship. The space where we take care of our clients, with empathy, diligence, focus and care is vital.

So to the way we take care of our team and create a working space here at Motive. One that is (hopefully!) filled with empathy, diligence, focus and care.

By connecting these two groups of people together in the mission of purpose the client brings to the table, we create a life giving space that produces tremendous value for people we care about.


Care for those we do not

We have a sense as a team that there’s more to life than the work we do, or the people we work with.

So we like to give. We give in time and in money and like to support groups like Convoy for Hope’s Women’s Empowerment initiative that enables others to find the same privilege we have… of being able to worry about the ‘why’s ‘of work… instead of the have to’s.

And that’s a good thing. That’s why we’re motive. We like good things.

Let’s get started.

We love meeting new teams.

Drop us a note and we’ll dive right in.

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A simple idea.

Helping people accomplish their goals is awesome… and by our read that’s what marketing really is. So we wondered… why isn’t marketing more awesome?

We decided to do something about that. We founded Motive.

We went all in on the very simple proposition that marketing can be a valuable and responsible partner in business practice. That the reputations of the industry are needless and unfortunate… and that our clients will know and understand that difference when they work with us.

We are excited to serve! What do you want to do!? Let’s get started!