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Our Ideal Client

Matchmaking, best practice, and our ideal partner.

Becoming a strategic partner.

We understand that every business has a unique story and distinct goals. Our ‘You’ section is dedicated to you – our potential clients – who are seeking a partner to navigate the complexities of branding, website development, and marketing. We believe in empowering you as the hero of your business journey, with Motive as your trusted ally, providing the expertise and support you need to succeed. Here we outline the picture of who we have seen to work well with us.

Not everyone is a perfect fit, and that’s okay. We want you to have the fit you should have, and, if that’s not us we’d rather figure it out before we start.

Picture perfect.

Your Title

We don’t actually care about your title.

What’s needed is that you have enough agency within your organization that our enablement of your work can accomplish your goals.

More often than not our clients are business owners, as they are uniquely positioned to deploy decision making, but they don’t have to be. We love – love – enabling marketers, managers, and operational personnel within the companies we serve.

It’s part of what makes us unique. We’re pretty good with how unique you are, and, all you really need is the room to work and we’ll want to help you get there.


Your Goals

This is our ‘rubber hits the road’ differentiator.

Because there’s a lot of marketing approaches that we’re not.

If you want to build an offering… and present it to your audience, we’re your people.  As our client you are the type of person that wants to more effectively communicate what you have to the people who needed it. That’s where we help. We are not magicians and there is no secret sauce. It’s a lot of pragmatic decisions and strategic bets… and we get better and sharper as we go.

You have a goal. We build tools to enable you to get there. It’s that simple.


Your Expectations

You expect results and deliverables.

You expect them as a result of process, remediation, work, imperfection, accountability, compromise, iterative improvement, passion, and drive. You’ll get it.

History says as our client you will also be human right there with us.

We get that, it’s cool, expected.

Let’s get started.

We love meeting new teams.

Drop us a note and we’ll dive right in.

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Selecting services

Your business is uniquely positioned and needs a toolkit designed to fit. Cookie cutter solutions don’t work because yoru leadership, team, challenges, and opportunities are all unique to you.

Working with Motive what we do is enable you by helping you craft a set of service that fits your goals, accomplishments, and complements the team and resources you already have. Some clients need more, some need less. We want to help you find what you need and craft scope to fit. All of our solutions are tailored to our clients and you never have to pay for services you neither want nor need.

A little help from our friends…

Want to see a bit more? Check out these case studies and learn how we helped other businesses to conquer their markets.

We are so grateful for Motive. When we were seeking a partner to revamp our site, we needed attention to detail, strategic partnership and absolute command of development. Motive nails this and makes it fun. Not to mention they are the best humans really working to solve for a better future state. Gratitude runs deep.

Tee Coletti Kaiser, Apiary

Motive is a rare agency that truly does feel like a partner. They give honest answers and assessments and work diligently with open communication along the way. They’re not likely your fastest nor cheapest option, but they deliver high-quality work that’s been done the right way and that’s what I value in the partners I work with.

Jordan Weyenberg, United Pet Care

Our firm has collaborated with the talented and responsive team at Motive for several years. We initially engaged with Motive on a rebranding effort to develop the Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture brand and theartofarchitecture.com in 2016. We continue to work with them to help and advise us on a robust marketing system and brand management across multiple platforms.

Eric Drivdahl, Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

I’ve been working with Motive for the past several years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The quality of work they produce is A++, and their team goes above and beyond with every project – big or small. They’ve got it dialed in! I highly recommend Motive to anyone seeking a marketing agency, you won’t regret it!

Betsy Walker, Lochwood Lozier

Motive punches above their weight when it comes to website design, security, maintenance and customer service. They built a beautiful, cost-effective website for our wine import business that our clients consistently applaud. These guys are the real deal and I look forward to continuing this partnership for many more years.

Bruce Leggett, Codipral

I’ve worked with a number of marketing agencies in the past and none have compared to Motive. Daniel is talented, responsive, analytical, and accountable. If he can’t exceed your expectations he’ll let you know before the job begins and advise against moving forward. When he does move forward on a project, expect to be blown away by the results.

Craig Weidhorn, Harp Design Co.

Motive has helped us in so many ways! They have taken our vision and created an immaculate website as well as manage our advertising! They are are up front and honest, it feels great to work with a company that I can trust. I would recommend their services to anyone!

Casey Martin, Nordic

A few favorites

Want to see a bit more? Check out these case studies and learn how we helped other businesses to conquer their markets, innovate their offerings, and move the ball forward towards their goals. You won’t see yoru business as all of our solutions are custom, but you may get some ideas!