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Branding Rosa Briggs

Our collaboration with Rosa Briggs, a remarkable team – and leader in the person of Rosa – in the mortgage and financial services sector, epitomizes Motive’s capability in transforming brand identity and digital presence. The project encompassed a comprehensive brand overhaul, the development of a high-end, user-centric website, full collateral and presentation kit, and targeted digital marketing, aligning Rosa Briggs’ offerings with a modern, customer-focused narrative.

Revitalizing the Brand Identity

Starting with the BrandScript and Visual Identity, Motive worked with Rosa to define key messaging, differentiators – and – ultimately, to define a Visual Brand Identity that is as unique as her team’s offering… surprisingly personal, dependable, and direct. This refreshed brand identity that resonates with both sophistication and approachability is a perfect fit for her in the competitive and sharp edged environment that is the financial services industry. The new branding was designed to reflect trust, reliability, and expertise, attributes that are paramount in the mortgage and finance sector.

BrandScript Messaging

Compelling Brand Narrative

Central to the brand’s transformation was the development of the BrandScript and messaging. We focused on articulating Rosa Briggs’ commitment to personalized financial solutions, her expertise in the mortgage industry, and her dedication to client success. This narrative was woven throughout all branding materials, establishing a coherent and persuasive brand story that appeals to current and prospective clients.

Developing a User-Centric Website

The creation of Rosa Briggs’ new website was guided by the principles of user-centric design. Aimed at providing an optimal user experience, the website features intuitive navigation, a clean and modern aesthetic, and content that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of her clients. The site serves as a digital platform where visitors can easily access information about financial services, gain insights from Rosa Briggs’ expertise, and engage with her brand.

Financial Services Branding

The collaboration with Rosa Briggs is a testament to Motive’s ability to rejuvenate brands in the financial services industry. By combining a renewed brand identity, a compelling narrative, and a sophisticated web presence, we have set a new benchmark for how financial services professionals can connect with their clientele in today’s digital landscape.

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