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Crafting United Pet Care’s Enhanced User Experience

For UPC we crafted a multifaceted digital solution that caters to the three distinct use cases in mirror ‘sister’ sites that carry a platform design system but disparate functions.  Designing to build the technology to do this was an exercise in careful planning, ensuring we could utilize mirror components in different use cases and deliver the product at its best value. Our approach involved a complete redesign of their website, integrating Salesforce for streamlined operations, thus establishing the site as the national hub for United Pet Care’s business.

Sophisticated Audience Architecture

Understanding the varied requirements of ‘employers,’ ‘pet parents,’ and ‘veterinarians,’ we developed a complex audience architecture for the website. This involved creating tailored pathways and content for each segment, ensuring that each user group could easily access relevant information and services. For employers, we highlighted the benefits of partnering with United Pet Care, while pet parents found easy navigation to health program details and veterinarian resources. For veterinarians, the site offered a portal that emphasized collaboration and mutual benefits, all while being beautiful and appealing to use.

Seamless Integration


To enhance operational efficiency, we integrated Salesforce into the website. This powerful tool streamlined United Pet Care’s processes, from customer relationship management to data analytics. Salesforce integration allowed for a more personalized user experience, automated key processes, and provided valuable insights, making the website a dynamic and interactive tool for business growth.

Centralizing Operations with a Robust Website

The revamped website became the central hub for United Pet Care’s national operations. It served not just as an information repository but as a platform for interaction, service delivery, and management. The site’s utility extended beyond a traditional website to become an integral part of United Pet Care’s day-to-day operations and customer engagement strategy.

Our work with United Pet Care showcases Motive’s ability to create a versatile and efficient digital presence tailored to diverse audience needs. The project highlights our expertise in developing sophisticated web solutions that not only address complex audience dynamics but also streamline business processes on a national scale.

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