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Thermetrics’ Digital Journey and Brand Narrative

Our collaboration with Thermetrics is a prime example of how a well-crafted brand narrative, customer journey mapping, and a bespoke WordPress website can revolutionize a business’s online presence, leading to increased conversions and sales. At Motive, we took a holistic approach to understand and elevate Thermetrics’ brand, ensuring every aspect of their digital strategy worked cohesively to drive success.

Crafting a Compelling Brand Narrative

The journey began with the creation of a powerful brand narrative for Thermetrics. We delved deep into their company ethos, market positioning, and unique value proposition to develop a story that was designed to resonate with their audience – a split of decision makers and technical heroes. We set out to enable both. This narrative became the guiding force behind all marketing and communication efforts, providing a consistent and engaging message that clearly articulated the brand’s strengths and vision.

Mapping and Enhancing the Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey was crucial in optimizing the user experience. We meticulously mapped the path potential customers took, from initial awareness to joining the Thermetrics family of scientific equipment. This mapping informed the design and functionality of the WordPress website, ensuring it not only looked appealing but was also intuitive and user-friendly. We focused on simplifying navigation, streamlining content, and ensuring a seamless transition from information gathering to decision-making.

Complex Integrations

WordPress and Salesforce

Designed to work as a conversion tool the Thermetrics website contained both deep data and research for users but also a variety of CTA and connection process, all of which needed implementation to Salesforce and into analytics tracking for conversions and later analysis. The impact of our integrated approach was evident in the increased conversions and sales for Thermetrics. The new website, supported by a strong brand narrative and a customer-centric journey, significantly enhanced online engagement and effectively drove business growth.

Showcasing Digital Strategy Expertise

This project with Thermetrics highlights Motive’s expertise in combining storytelling, user experience design, and technical development to create digital solutions that not only resonate with the audience but also deliver tangible business results.

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