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Customer Engagement Through Targeted Marketing

Higi came to Motive a few years ago with a mission – elevate their customer and user experience, building tools to make their health stations more accessible, functional, and findable by their users. The invitation was to take a minimal footprint and enable their own internal teams to own and do as much of the work as possible, with us playing enabler and director. Through customer engagement in the strategic development of a customer-facing website, a business site, a comprehensive brochure, and impactful presentations, we did just that.

Revitalizing the Website

Our engagement of Higi’s website had two phases. We initiated the project with a revision of Higi’s customer-facing website. Our goal was to create a platform that was not just visually appealing but also user-friendly, informative, and aligned with Higi’s brand ethos, illustration and iconography was layered with display and infographics to invite users into the story of the Higi brand and experience, helping them get thier most out of the Higi health Ecosystem.

Website Refinement

Business Website

Next was the business site. Here we defined a core set of visual styles and elements to enable the creation of a series of templates for the site that evolved and become the core Higi web offering we have today. The design is clean, component based, and speaks well to a contemporary audience.

Designing a Comprehensive Brochure

Alongside the website, we created a comprehensive brochure for Higi. This brochure served as a tangible extension of their brand, providing a detailed overview of their services in a format that was accessible and easy to share. The design incorporated Higi’s brand elements and messaging, ensuring consistency across all platforms. The brochure effectively communicated Higi’s value proposition and is an essential tool in their marketing arsenal.

Crafting Impactful Handouts

To further Higi’s outreach, we developed a series of presentations, hand outs and leave behinds. These were tailored for various audiences, from conferences of potential partners to end-users, ensuring that each was relevant and engaging. The leave behinds were designed to be visually compelling, with clear and concise messaging that highlighted Higi’s key strengths and differentiators.

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