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Comprehensive Branding and Digital Strategy

Our collaboration with Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architects, a leader in eloquent luxury residential architecture, is a showcase of our expertise in creating a cohesive brand identity, narrative, and digital presence. The defining brand message, ‘The Art of Architecture’ came out of a collaborative space of visual, narrative, and business design that allowed us to identify, refine, and implement a core brand posture that truly captured the firm’s white glove approach to service.

The product development process saw us define a comprehensive brand and integrated digital marketing strategy, centric to a beautiful custom WordPress website, and a full advertising kit, all tailored to reflect the firm’s reputation for elegance and customer-driven solutions.

Designing for the Art of Architecture

When you’re designing to represent the art of architecture and world class architects… there’s no room for error. The brand and style guide’s formalism and elegance is unparalleled and the brand itself executes in blacks and grays on white, with just a hint of silver or royal blue as called for. White space and tatami proportions rule the day and elegance isn’t optional. Every piece – from the site through print ads in LUXE magazine – must be perfect in every respect.

We designed the website to guide potential clients through a carefully mapped customer journey, from discovering the firm’s expertise to viewing their impressive project gallery and ultimately initiating contact. The website’s elegant design and user-friendly interface mirrored the firm’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Ad Integrations

Advertising Kit

The Gelotte hommas Drivdahl brand has a strong print advertising component.

Utilizing full page and dual page spreads for it’s main advertising vehicles, the ad brand is essentially similar to the website presentation – an intentional articulation in allowing image to speak much louder than words.

As the brand would tell you, “this is the art of architecture.”

Branding and Digital Excellence

Our work with Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architects stands as a testament to Motive’s ability to blend artistic branding with strategic digital solutions. The increased engagement and client inquiries resulting from our efforts highlight the success of a well-rounded branding and marketing approach for a distinguished architectural firm.

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