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Brand Presentation and Materials

Our collaboration with the Center for Infectious Disease Research was varied and robust. Focused around the creation of brand and graphical materials he challenge was to enable the brand to speak a contemporary and fun language to appeal to a younger audience than the previous donor set. To do so, a series of posters and reports were devised that allowed the brand professionalism to meet with illustration and an intentional invitation to both fun and clever perspectives.

Poster System

The disease poster system is an aggressive visual system that is aimed at communicating both the nature of the diseases being fought as well as the current state of the scientific fight to resolve these horrible plights. Classical design language and systems was integrated with contemporary illustration methods and color palettes to create these award winning posters.

Brand Refinement


Detailed digital illustration was at the heart of each of these poster products.

The detail shown, featuring the central figures of the ‘tuberculosis’ poster were sourced from imagery of early 20th century and 19th century hospitals, aiming to connect the present day discussion of the disease with an awareness of just how long of a fight it has been. The illustration of the figures themselves include numerous touches to reinforce that connection.

Annual Report

The Annual report and brochure system was built to work hand in hand with the narrative and illustration system of the posters. Blending complex infographics with digitally rendered ‘cut paper’ illustration, the system worked hard to provide a fun, memorable, invitational and pragmatic invitation into joining CIDR in their quest to eradicate disease in our lifetimes.

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