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Building a Successful Digital Remodeling Strategy

JL Remodeling has partnered with Motive for six years, giving us the opportunity to help them build their business from early beginnings, refining their brand identity and enhancing their online presence across channels.

Across years of refinement in a team environment JL has engaged Motive to define and build wordpress websites, launch and run coordinated targeted marketing in social and search channels, build out and manage successful SEO campaigns and to always watch teh bottom line and work towards refinement of systems for optimal leads. The result is an average YOY growth factor of 30% with x6 revenue since initial implementation.

Integrated Marketing Systems

JL Remodeling achieved remarkable growth through an integrated digital marketing strategy, which included a custom website, Google Ads, SEO, social media, and outreach efforts. The custom website showcased their portfolio and services effectively, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Google Ads targeted specific demographics, driving high-quality traffic to the site.

SEO optimization improved search engine rankings, making JL Remodeling more discoverable to potential clients.

Social media campaigns built brand awareness and engagement, while targeted outreach efforts fostered client relationships.

This holistic approach significantly boosted their online presence and revenue.

Ad Integrations

Advertising Kit

JL Remodeling experienced substantial success by integrating PPC ads with top-of-funnel media efforts.

Targeted PPC campaigns focused on specific keywords and demographics, ensuring their brand message reached a broad and relevant audience. These ads, combined with strategic media efforts such as social media campaigns and engaging content marketing, significantly boosted brand visibility and engagement.

This synergy not only captured the interest of potential clients early in their decision-making process but also increased the likelihood of conversions. The coordinated approach maximized marketing investments, driving impressive results and contributing to JL Remodeling’s growth.

Your Partner In Remodeling Success

Motive’s partnership with JL Remodeling exemplifies our commitment to excellence in digital marketing and brand development. If you’re looking to elevate your brand and enhance your online presence, let Motive be your dedicated partner. Together, we can achieve remarkable results and take your business to new heights.

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